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(You should also watch the movie below the text). 

🍻 Free cold draft beer:

We dont remember how it started, but Gringo volunteers always have access to free draft beer for all 4 music days. 

🍓 Nice drinks to sweeten your festival: 

Goes without saying we know how to make drinks and as a Gringobar volunteer you can order them at a very special price from the internal volunteer bar!   

🥗 Food like mom would make it! When you are tired of burgers, nachos and pizzas, some homemade cooking will taste like heaven. You will get a meal for each of your shifts and if you like some an extra meal or just want to save your budget you can buy extra meals for a minimum price.

👫 Work with your friends or meet new ones! 

Each shift package has 2-6 slots available, that means you and your friends can choose the same ones and enjoy each others company on every time you work. 

🗓️ Make your shifts fit with your concert schedule. 

When the shift packages are publiced you will see many different ones to choose from. Typically they have a little bit of everything from morning to night shifts and you can choose among them to find those not conflicting with the concerts your want to see. 


💰 Support the charities of the festival! 

Roskilde Festival supports a number of organisaitons from the Green Student Union to Mødrehjælpen (New Moms Help). Whats special about Roskilde is that they distribute to many different ones. Typically these are within environmental action, social/charity etc. and about 50% of the Gringobar profits go to these. 

💃 Work somewhere fun! 

Gringo has been part of Roskilde for more than 30 years and we are known for having the best decorated bars, freshest drinks and most energetic staff - and our guests are exactly the same!

Take it to the level you want! 

We have a lot of costumes, makeup, face paint, glitter, wigs and hats laying around - and you are more than welcome to wear exactly what fits your mood and energy while on shift! 

🪫 Chill out, recharge and meet new friends in our VIP volunteer area.

A nice place to lay down and chill out just outside the stress and noise of the festival - and it happens to be the same place where all the nice food and drinks are served! 


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