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🍓 What will I be doing?

Our bars work as big teams with different stations and they only serve 1 type of drink each. Therefore, you will fulfill the station of either cutting/picking supplies/fruits, mixing those together, working as a runner or serving those to the guests. You can tell your preference to the bar manager, who can let you work on one or two stations or move you around so you get to try everything across your shifts.


You will also receive extensive training enabling you to feel comfortable and give it your best. For these reasons, experience is not needed and everyone can volunteer at Gringobar

💵 How do I pay and retrieve my deposit?

As a precaution, we ask all volunteers to pay a small deposit of 300 kr. When you press "Sign-up" you will be taken to our volunteer platform HEAP. As part of the sign-up process on HEAP you will be asked to pay a 300 kr deposit. Once you have completed your shifts on the festival, we will return the deposit which will be back in your bank account within 10 working days.

🎟️ How do I get my wristband and access the festival? 

All volunteers have their wristband handed out at Roskilde Festival Check-In at Roskilde Handelsskole (Not to be confused with Gringo check-in), located at Roskilde Handelsskole/Business school, Building 6, Bakkesvinget 6, 4000 Roskilde.

You will receive your wristband in exchange for your check-in-card. Your check-in card will be released to your profile on People-Vol 14 days before the festival. 

🚪 Do I need to book an entrance ticket?

No, as a volunteer at Gringo you do not need to book an entrance ticket like normal guests. That means that as a volunteer you can freely choose any of the entrances to the camping area just by showing your volunteer wristband.

📍 Where will I be working?

You are working in the same place as you meet for your first introduction. Introduction and time of introduction depend on the area of responsibility/bar/stand you work in. No matter where you work, you are going to meet for an introduction in the EOS Stage Area at Gringo HQ (see official map). The introduction is mandatory.

🍲🍻 What about food and drinks?

As a Gringo volunteer you will receive several food and drink tickets, more than enough to substain you for all your shifts (and a little more). We care about the quality you are served and the food is homemade, the beers are draft and the drinks are cold! 

⛺ What do I do, if I want Volunteer Camping

Volunteer Camping is free and managed by Roskilde Festival. You need to register in the festival’s internal system People-Vol. This is also where we later will be assigning your festival wristband. At, you will be able to secure a Volunteer Camping wristband and read all relevant information in terms of opening hours and location. 

🗓️ When and how do I select my shifts?

Shift packages will be released a few months before the festival. They will only be visible to chose who already signed up to work at Gringobar. There are many options to choose from and you have the ability to choose the same as your friends.

🤒 What if I get sick during the festival? 

If you are sick and therefore not able to show up for one or several of your shifts, you need to go to the Festival Samaritans (Danish: Samaritter) and ask for their written consent which you need to hand in to Gringo check-in. Not showing up physically in Gringo check-in and having your wristband removed is a violation.

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